Because Working Alone Sucks

As great as the idea of working all day in your pajamas sounds, we all get a little lonely and unmotivated working from home day in and day out, or searching for a coffee shop that doesn't give you dirty looks the minute you open your laptop. For all of you freelancers or self-employed, yet social creatures, we are offering desks - without any rental contracts or other obligations – right in the heart of Sliema. There is a grocery shop next door, across the street a cozy Café with delicious croissants, down the road awesome burgers and a great bunch of bars just around the corner.

Desks are available for monthly, weekly and day use, and will include all the amenities necessary to get the job done and keep you comfortable. And we won't even mind if you show up in your pajamas.


Even though Malta offers 300 sunny days with loads of them reaching 30 degrees and higher, we try to keep the office temperature at ~23 degrees in the summer and min. 20 degrees during the colder months with two seperate A/Cs and heaters.  


Please scroll down for our competitive rates of the month.


Ticket prices include FREE tea & coffee, water dispenser, fridge, microwave, kettle and so on... 



12.00 + VAT

WEEK (6 days)

49.00 + VAT

12 DAYS (in a month)

89.00 + VAT


139.00 + VAT

All prices are displayed in Euro. Rates are valid for the month mentioned above and may become subject to changes in the future. The WEEK pass is good for 6 working days, as Sundays are closed. The 12-DAY ticket must be used within 30 days respectively. The full month counts for 30 consecutive days. 

More details and photos coming soon. In the meantime, contact us with any questions!